donderdag 28 maart 2013

Terribly Sweet

Zara goodies

Sometimes you just have to go window shopping a bit, not only to get a good idea of the trends at the moment but also because you can't always afford the things you like..

Just like this gorgeous cardigan I spotted. A real musthave from Zara! Love it! €79,95

dinsdag 26 maart 2013

We Love Zeeman!

Lovely clutches.

New clutches from Zeeman. ( Never thought to find something fashionable there, but I'm really happy with these two!

Pink: 4,99
Printed: 2,50

                   The pink one has a silver chain and a nice yellow detail just around the edges.

The printed one has a snakeskin look and a golden chain.

Daily quote

So let's be ambitious girls!

maandag 4 maart 2013

Caviar Nail Polish!

At our last Daily Naily Blog we told you that we really would love to try out some Caviar Nail Polish and we already found a really cheap version of the Caviar Nail Polish.
We bought these 3 nail polishes for only €0,79 at the Action. (Which is a really cheap store and we love to shop there even if we don't need anything!)

So this is how it works:

1. Apply the black background colour and let this dry!

2. When you are satisfied about the colour and the colour has dried completely, you have to apply the top coat.

3.When you have applied the top coat you have to sprinkle the caviar balls on the top coat and push them down a little bit so it sticks onto your nails. Then let it dry and you're done!

At first I put the caviar on all my nails but then I went out for dinner and found out that this isn't really working out for me. So now I only apply the caviar on just 1 finger on 1 hand. So thats what you can see in the pictures down below. I hope the Caviar Nail Polish works out for you! But I think that it looks really nice on one finger!

I'm really sorry for the bad photo but I really would like to show you as close as possible

Fashion Fruit Pitahaya

Have you ever seen such beautiful fruit like this?
It's a Pitahaya. Also known as Dragon Fruit.
I really wanted to share this with you because I never saw it before. And it tastes really nice! 
It tastes a little bit like a watermelon and kiwifruit at the same time. Pitaya contains fiber and is relatively low in vitamin C.You can buy this amazing fruit at the 'Zwarte Markt' at Beverwijk.

Looks delicious right?!

maandag 18 februari 2013

DIY - Leather Jacket

We never throw anything away and this DIY is the reason why!
All you need is:
- Old (Leather) Jacket
- Studs (On this jacket I used the round ones in different sizes, you can buy them at
- Pincers
I really loved the zippers on this jacket. So I wanted them to stand out by adding some studs around them. On the back you can make your own patron. Whatever you like! On this jacket there was some nailpolish blemish on the back so I wanted to cover it up with the studs. Our tip is to put the studs also at the far end of the sleeves. It really gives a nice effect when you are wearing gloves or something like that!
We are very happy with the results!!
Front View
Back View. 

Did you also make a DIY Jacket? Please send us an e-mail with a photo of your creation. We would love to put  them on our blog!