maandag 18 februari 2013

DIY - Leather Jacket

We never throw anything away and this DIY is the reason why!
All you need is:
- Old (Leather) Jacket
- Studs (On this jacket I used the round ones in different sizes, you can buy them at
- Pincers
I really loved the zippers on this jacket. So I wanted them to stand out by adding some studs around them. On the back you can make your own patron. Whatever you like! On this jacket there was some nailpolish blemish on the back so I wanted to cover it up with the studs. Our tip is to put the studs also at the far end of the sleeves. It really gives a nice effect when you are wearing gloves or something like that!
We are very happy with the results!!
Front View
Back View. 

Did you also make a DIY Jacket? Please send us an e-mail with a photo of your creation. We would love to put  them on our blog! 

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